martedì 21 maggio 2013

Here we are, this weekend Buzz Goree will perform at the Movement in Detroit stage. Both the artists and the audience are waiting to see what Mixworks can do. The Mixworks’ party will kick off on Sunday the 26th at 10. Make sure you come fully rested as it we will be on fire all night.....this is an event you won’t forget soon!
On this page we have all the information you need with regards to the location, the artists and how to purchase tickets in advance.

Starting from June 20th for three nights, we will be in Milan, Italy where our European team will perform with Buzz Goree, Daytona team, Big Dash and Gianluca Vitanza Hercules aka Lowkilla. Refer back to this page in order to find all the information about the location of the festival and the times that our artists will perform.

We wish to remind you the Milan Festival will be a free event in which we are excited to participate because it gives everyone the chance to attend performances by Mixworks and beyond. Following this, on the 6th of July, Juan Atkins and Buzz Goree will move to Korea to warm up the Asian dancefloor. Stay tuned for any updates on that front...

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