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NEWSLETTER 04 / 2013

D Sector (the main mix) is a solid tech/house track that delivers sonic vibes which pierce the ears with serious sonic soul. The track has a great  melodic feel, but coupled with some serious beats and a deep dubby synth, it cleverly balances the lighter melodic sounds with darker harmonics creating a perfect blend of sound and two different styles of music and flows seamlessly. The battle between light and dark can be clearly heard with the light becoming gloriously triumphant. Only a genius can pull this off and Cisco does this effortlessly.
D Sector Jason Fernandes Remix V3 is much more minimal and pared down than the original making it a totally different experience sonically. The track has a much darker feel, with a pounding bassline and a driving beat. Strange keyboards
lend a delicious air of the more sinister side
of techno.

AUX 88
Aux 88 long standing in the Aux Quadrant have reemerged as Arashi Hoshino and Shin Muramatsu. The mental transformation from Aux 88 to Mad Scientist has set events into motion that have converted the mad scientist mental circuitry into two unique entities. Using smaller more adaptable nano circuitry to create new electronic synthesis from the original Aux  Voice and mind. Black Tokyo are visionist, scientist, and mental programmers on the teachings of  Electronic sound. Black Tokyo's second laboratory long thought to be Hidden somewhere beneath  the dark streets and factories of Detroit have assembled some of the world’s most advanced  Technology and software to create new devices of electronic sounds. Aux 88 have been under surveillance for years by others who have sought to learn if the two Aux 88  Members are indeed the same entities the mad scientist or are have they indeed transformed into  Black Tokyo. The two men have ventured into their 4/4 techno world Black Tokyo.
Dates and flight shares available for Aux 88 in south-est Asia and Australia.
                           tel. +39 (6) 96031509
                           mob. +39 3664237439
Originally born in the late 80's, SCAN 7's first release, "Voices Beyond", came out on the Submerge compilation, "Escape Into The Void". Next, he unleashed projects such as, "Introducing SCAN 7" and the "Undetectable EP" both on Underground Resistance, and an exclusive "S.I.D." EP entitled, "Invisible Thoughts". In the late 90's TrackMasta Lou's made contact with Europe's most respected European label, Tresor Records - Berlin, through Blake Baxter and through a liaison with Dimitri Hegemann (owner of Tresor & credited for introducing detroit techno To Europe) TrackMasta Lou released many rare recordings on the Tresor compilations. Later TrackMasta Lou put out two collectible albums with Tresor, "The Dark Territory" and the "Resurfaced" album. Both were laced with a deep dark dose of classic detroit techno, and embedded with the imprints of the SCAN 7 trademark drums. Other labels that SCAN 7 has released material on: Underground Resistance, Soma, Fcom, End to End, Elypsia, and Pow Wow Records.
SCAN7 "UNITED WE SCAN TOUR"  Dates and flight shares available for june and july 2013.


                           tel. +39 (6) 96031509
                           mob. +39 3664237439

Juan Atkins / Buzz Goree / Scan-7 / Detroit Techno Militia
Orlando Voorn / Domenico Cipriani Aka Lucretio / Alex Picone
K Sand / Farley Jack Master Funk / Dj Minx
A Guy Called Gerald / DJ Clandestine / Daytona Team
Tim Baker / AUX 88 / Hinode / Purita D / Andre Bacon
Dj Big Dash / Francesco Mr .Ties


                           tel. +39 (6) 96031509
                           mob. +39 3664237439

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